Music to my ears

Access your CD collection, Radio, iTunes, iPod, TV, Rhapsody, Pandora, etc. to be played in single or multiple areas. Independently adjust the volume to fit the mood in each area with a tap on our Control4 sleek touch screen console or your smart phone from anywhere.

Distributed audio


Get the game on for the boys on the patio, a good romantic comedy from her DVD collection for the ladies in the living room, and a Disney movie for kids in the play room at the same time, all from the palm of your hand. Our Control4 system lets you create movie and TV program playlists for each TV, so you can enjoy it all anytime, anywhere.

distributed video

Power at your

finger tip…


Control everything with the Fully programmable Control 4 console and do it anywhere from your laptop and mobile devices.

Control4 - interface, ipad, iphone, android, laptop


The right place at the right time.

Listen to classical music in the den, Jazz in the kitchen, and rock out by the pool to your favorite summer playlist – all at the same time. Seamless video distribution delivers High Definition video throughout the home with all of your sources in one location. Watch a movie from a DVD player in your bedroom while others crowd around the nights big game in the living room. Sharing your devices throughout the home provides homeowners with truly the best solution. Let’s get started, contact us for a free consultation.

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